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Christian Poems

~ My Life's Journey ~

by Deborah Ann Belka


I have walked on this earth,

for many, many years . . .

I've stumbled and I've fallen

over my doubts and my fears.


Many times I have thought,

another step I could not take

and life's troubling journey

I just did not want to make.


I struggled with the frantic pace,

I wrestled with the anxious stride

until the day, I came to realize

I was marching to my own pride.


I knew I needed deliverance,

from the course that I was on

and that is when I felt my life

to God being forever drawn.


He set me on a new path,

and saved me from the pit

for that's where I was heading

until my sins, He did acquit.


I have lived on this earth,

for many, many years . . .

but now I'm walking in His light

living without any doubt or fears.


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