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Christian Poems

~ Heaven Came Down ~

by Danette Kettwich


Heaven came down and hope touched the earth

In human form a new baby's birth

Mother embracing the only Son of God

To walk among us on this earthly sod.


Small little fingers held his mother's hand

Would someday heal our desperate land

Counting each baby finger, each baby toe

Not knowing someday they'd let him go.


They bore witness to the purest of light

Surrounded by Angelic Presence so bright

In heavenly rapture they sang of great joy

Has come to the earth as a new baby boy


Music enveloped in harmonic rejoice

Melodies flowing from the purest of voice

Written long ago in the scripture was laid

Hope restored Faith in the promises made


The promise packaged in complete sacrifice

The perfect gift willing to lay down his life

Peace on earth we whole heartedly proclaim

Our songs and our faith to His Holy name.

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