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Q: What is Water Baptism?


The word baptism derives from a verb meaning to immerse or to identify with. Spiritual baptism happens when the new believer is united with Christ and His people at the moment of salvation.


Water baptism should be practiced by every Christian as soon as opportunity is provided right after conversion. There are very important reasons why every Christian should be baptized. Water baptism is the act of immersing the new believer in water as a testimony that he or she has experienced the reality of conversion/transformation. The act of water baptism is NOT to be equated with or for salvation. Paul reminds the believers at Rome that baptism illustrates both symbolic and spiritual significance (Romans 6:3,5):

#1: It represents redemption, picturing the gospel.

#2: It represents our hope in a future resurrection.

#3: It represents Christ as our New and only life.


Water baptism is a wonderful and powerful testimony of one's dedication and determination to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This means growing under the the compelling influence of the Holy Spirit of God. This can only be realized as we hide the Word of God in our hearts.

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