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Christian Poems

~ Why I am Thankful ~

by Deborah Ann Belka


Why am I thankful,

let me count the ways

and the first one is because

I trust Jesus with all my days.


I am thankful for His love,

for forgiving me my sin

I am thankful for the Holy Spirit

who dwells and lives within.


I am thankful for His mercy,

His endless supply of grace

I am thankful that He knows

the contour of my face.


I am thankful for His truths,

that keep me on the narrow path

I am thankful that I will not know

the full measure of His wrath.


I am thankful for His peace,

the calm that surrounds me

I am thankful for His hope

that once blinded eyes can see.


Why am I thankful,

I cannot count all the ways

but for these and so many more

I give Him all my praise.


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