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Audio & Video Christian Testimonials

Christian Testimonials

Tony McMullen - My life quickly changed when I began using drugs and alcohol. The lifestyle of searching for a new high, transformed me into a violent drug dealer with few feelings for those around me. Eventually, this spelled the end to the things that had meant the most to me, including the life of a friend.

Tony McMullen Testimony -

Peter Orasuk - Hopeless Addict I was married when I was twenty years old and brought my wife into my misery. To make things worse, we had a little girl. By that time I knew I was a hopeless addict. All I had to look forward to was to be found in an alley with an overdose.

Peter Orasuk Testimony -

Ronald Reagan In 1972 my life was broken. I was a drug addict. I was a criminal. My family was broken. My wife had filed for divorce a couple of times. My children were afraid of me. I really couldn’t hold a job, my mental state was terrible.

Ronald Reagan Testimony -

Mark Outing This is the testimony of ex-rapper Magic Mark and how God saved him through Jesus Christ.

Mark Outing Testimony -

Nicky Cruz An amazing testimony of a hardened violent street kid in New York City and leader of the dreaded Mau Mau gang, encounters Jesus Christ and experiences a radical change in his once dark and hopeless life.

Nicky Cruz Testimony -

Hugh Hackney began drinking at the age of 12. He disliked school and joined the Marines at age 17. His violent temper exploded at the least little thing. When marriage came along and children, he constantly drank. After a series of things happened that motivated him to think more and more about spiritual truth and eternity.

Hugh Hackney Testimony -

Darl Favreau was sexually molested repeatedly by his father-in-law. The emotional pain of this brought him to use alcohol and drugs to try to deaden the pain of his shame, which became the way of life for him. And as life was just getting too much for him; he considered suicide more and more. Listen to what God did for him.

Darl Favreau Testimony -

Debra Foran shares how God through His Son Jesus Christ saved, and her delivered her from emotional shame and the sickness that sexual abuse had brought into her life. As well as delivering her from alcohol and drug addiction that had started at a very young age to try to dull the pain.

Debra Foran Testimony -

Former Atheist comes to faith in Jesus Christ Former "Evangelical Atheist" shares her testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. This testimony was shown at the Memphis Exalts Jesus celebration on April 4, 2015.

Former Atheist Testimony -

Chelsea Crockett - Here in this video I share how God has changed my life for the better. I've had many inspirations in my life who have lead me to the beautiful lifestyle of following Jesus and I have never been happier.

Chelsea Crockett Testimony Video -

Anneshia Freeman An abusive past led to a drug-filled life for Anneshia. Her only way out came when she least expected it.

Anneshia Testimony Video -

Luana Stoltenberg - Forgiveness for Abortion She was married to a wonderful Christian man and had a new life, but Luana's past haunted the dreams of her future family.

Luana Testimony Video -
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