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Audio & Video Christian Testimonials

Richard Bennett spent twenty-one years as a RC priest. After a serious accident in 1972, he began to study seriously the Bible. After fourteen years of contrasting Catholicism to Biblical truth, he was convicted by the Gospel message.

Richard Bennett Testimony -

Pastor Achille Blaize - Pastor Achille tells his Personal Testimony to a Adult Sunday School. A well presented testimony of the Lord's Grace and Providence in the life of Achille Blaize when Satan and the world would have tried to distract him from the Savior. An encouraging word to hear!

Pastor Achille Testimony -

From Jehovahs Witnesses to Christ as My God. This is the testimony of Matt Haney who while growing up knew nothing about the Bible or Christ, getting caught up in the Jehovah's Witnesses system, and then gloriously being saved out of the Jehovah's Witnesses system by reading John 1:1 and by many other acts of divine providence.

Matt Haney Testimony -

Arlene McGinley - "He Was There All The Time" Arlene was a 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness, raised in an abusive home. Her journey to freedom ended when she heard that Jesus loved her and died for her.

Arlene McGinley Testimony -

Alex DeMayo - "Help! I’m Going Crazy!" Alex was a dedicated Jehovah’s Witness for 18 years. The constant pressure to conform to Watchtower standards almost drove him insane.

Alex DeMayo Testimony -

Chuck & Susana Clawson - Out of Mormonism: Chuck and Susana tell about their Mormon life before they left. And how a move to Missouri and events at their new local ward led them to attend a Christian church. Questions in their minds began to draw them away from Mormonism into a new and true relationship with Jesus.

Chuck & Susana Testimony -

Ryan Hanrie - Grew up in a multigenerational LDS home. Ryan’s father was very open with his children about the deeper doctrines contained within Mormonism. Ryan found that he had many doubts about the doctrines with the LDS church, that caused him to start looking outside Mormonism for truth.

Ryan Hanrie Testimony -

Al Roy - I renounced the Mormon religion in August of 1994, and when I left Mormonism, it was a decision to leave Mormonism completely behind.. I left Mormonism because I learned that the Mormon Church’s claim to be God’s true church is completely false.

Al Roy Testimony -

“A Muslim Journey to Hope” presents the true stories of people who have had a life-changing experience. Each story is true, and each story is different. Yet they are as different as the lives of each person: Women and men. Young and old. Rich and poor. From many countries in the

world. But each story tells how each of these people has found hope in Jesus Christ.

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