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Christian Poems

~ The Exhibit ~

by Colan L. Hiatt


With great interest, I surveyed

The state fair exhibits, some time ago

The many entries did portray

Outstanding work, someone did show


The pumpkin with it's weight and form

The quilt and melon each had their place

All manicured with the utmost care

Seeking a blue ribbon, in the race


How many hours and days were spent

Crafting and polishing, this their choice

Hoping to be number one

But with any ribbon, they could rejoice


But if I could infringe, upon your mind

This one thing, I pray you will see

The greatest Exhibit, I can comprehend

Occurred on Calvary, for you and me


Hoisted high, on a rugged cross

A "blue ribbon" of love was manifest

To a lost and debauched humanity

Truly here, - - God gave His best


No greater exhibit, the world has known

No greater price, has ever been paid

To all who seek Him, the offer stands

Undying love, He has conveyed

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