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Christian Poems


by Mark Rodriguez


At my darkest hour

in my weakest days

lies my saddest moments

when my life's a haze.


Discarded and forgotten

thoughts of suicide

promises that were broken

emptiness inside.


Dreams completely shattered

trust no longer there

friendship just a memory

life seemingly unfair.


YOU were my light in darkness

and gave me a brighter day

YOU took away my sadness

and made everything OK.


YOU will never forsake me

or turn your back on me

YOU thought I was worth dying for

and my soul would be set free.


I am no longer shackled

my souls no longer bound

my sins have been forgiven

praise God how sweet the sound.


You see I've been delivered

2000 years ago

on a place called Golgotha's Hill  

where Jesus blood had flowed...

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