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Christian Poems

~ My Quest ~

by Colan L. Hiatt


My concept of God, was very dim

As a child, the future seemed so grim

With no one to lead, hope was slim

I needed guidance to calm my whim


A void that I could not explain

Ruled my being, and domain

For inner peace I searched in vain

How long would this burden reign


As I read the Word, it was clear

I needed answers to ease my fear

I knew not what course to adhere

If only a solution would appear


Like the Ethiopian, as he read

Puzzles raged within his head

Then from Philip, light was shed

To guide him on the road ahead


As the Gospels, I would oft' implore

This Galilaean, I came to adore

I sought for answers more and more

Finally I learned, my sin He bore


I found that works could not atone

To abolish sins, that I had sown

My efforts - - He would not condone

By Grace, I came before His throne


Today I know, His hand did guide

Before I knew, - - why Christ died

He often altered step and stride

An unseen hand, He did provide


"My quest" and thirst was satisfied

Since in His arms, I now abide

Peace and joy, He has amplified

And contentment has been magnified

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