Christian Poems

~ Good Bye To Guilt ~

by Deborah Ann Belka


For years with guilt and shame,

I wrestled and I fought . . .

thinking that it was the payment

that all my sins had bought.


It was hard to move forward,

they kept pushing me back

I thought it was my punishment

for the faith that I lacked.


Whenever I would forget them,

someone came along to remind

and with each remembrance

they became harder to put behind.


Then one day the Lord asked me,

"Why did I die for you?"

And after that conversation,

I knew what I had to do.


I said goodbye to guilt,

and bid farewell to all my shame

for Jesus took them upon Himself

and He endured all my blame.


For years with guilt and shame,

I wrestled and fought . . .

but then Jesus reminded me

"If you hold on to them . . .


. . . I died for naught."

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