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Christian Poems

~ My Last Choice ~

by Danette Kettwich


Righteous in my own eyes

But lost none the same

I could live life on my own

No need to call His name.


Going through life trying

To fill it with a world of lies

The fuller my life became

The more blinded were my eyes.


Headed into a wide open pit

Of pain and soul destruction

Sin I found bittersweet

I fell into its seduction


In bitterness and pain

My life just hung on

Filled with emptiness

My soul now withdrawn


So thirsty for the truth

So hungry for the light

Darkness is consuming

It discouraged my life fight


Crying out in my emptiness

Jesus, my last chance

Reached in and found me

He loved me in advance.


Jesus was my last option;

My sin has been erased

He reached in and found me

The thirst has been replaced


Strength for the weary

My hunger was satisfied

Healing for the broken

Defiled now beautified.


It's hard to be thankful

For choices I have made

But they brought me here

Amazing Grace displayed!

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