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Christian Poems

~ Oh, Wretched Women ~

by Deborah Ann Belka


Oh, wretched women that I am . . .

sins so bad, I should be damned

inside beats a cold, stony heart

that only wickedness can impart.


Miserable, pitiful resentful soul,

living a life out of God's control

knowing the truth, but looking away

hoping to make it, in my own way.


Years of struggling to seek and know,

yet not really wanting, God to show

so much that I would have to give up

couldn't take the bitterness in that cup.


Wasted days followed by useless years,

are now my heartbroken sobs and tears

so much more that I could have done

for God's glory, and to honor His Son.


Oh, wrenched women that I am . . .

now is saved by that precious Lamb

who sacrificed His very own life for me

yet my wickedness . . . I still sadly see!

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