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Christian Poems

~ Jesus, My Redeemer ~

by Deborah Ann Belka


He is the Alpha and the Omega,

the Beginning and the End

He is our Jehovah, our Lord of Glory

our Eternal Life and forever Friend.


He is the Light of the world,

the Morning Star, the Righteous Sun

He is our Lord, our King, and our Prince

He is God's only - Beloved Son.


He is the Word and the Living Bread

the Ransom, the Truth, and the Way

He is the living Son of God

our Wonderful Savior of the day.


He is the Faithful Protector,

the Rock, the Shield, and the Rod

He is our Refuge, our Strength, our Fortress

He is the begotten - Holy One of God.


He is the Good Shepherd,

The Redeemer, the Everlasting Peace

He is our Lamp and our Lamb

He is the Servant who came to teach.


He is the Fountain of Living Waters

the Helper, the Physician, and the Healer

He is our Portion, our Bread of Life

our Restorer and the Holy Spirit's sealer.


He is the Branch and the True Vine

the Root of David is where He is from.

He is the Tree of Everlasting Life,

He is the Bridegroom yet to come.


He has many names as you can see,

and on all of them we can surely call

but . . . Jesus . . . my Blessed Redeemer

is my favorite one of them all!

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