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Christian Poems

~ All Day With My Lord ~

by Margaret Cagle


I greet my Lord in the morning

As I arise from bed once more.

I thank Him for another day

As my feet rest on the floor.


I pray to Him for guidance

As I start another day anew.

I ask Him to direct my path

In all that I say and do.


I ask for a fresh new filling

Of the Holy Spirit's power.

I know that I will need it

As I face each waking hour.


I call upon Him frequently

As I work throughout the day.

He is always, ever available,

For He is with me to stay.


I cannot lead like Moses,

Nor can I preach like Paul,

But my Lord can use me also

When upon Him I will call.


When each long day is over,

And the dark shadows creep,

I ask Him to watch over me

While I lie down to sleep.

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