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Christian Poems

~ Sidewalks Cracks ~

by Gertrude Jefferies


Examining the sidewalks of my life

Saw cracks imbedded deep with secret sin,

I tried to sweep away the grime and shame

But all I did was push it deeper in.


And then one day a very special Friend,

Watched as I tried in vain to sweep away

The shame of secret sin entrenched so deep,

Then quietly these words I heard Him say:


"I have a special tool that works so well,

Will clean those cracks and leave nothing behind."

I said, "please Jesus, will you use that tool

And cleanse my life, so even the cracks shine?"


Then as He scanned the sidewalk of my life,

Saw all the cracks I'd tried in vain to glean,

He gently poured His precious, cleansing Blood

Into each crack, and made them sparkling clean.


And now each day the Water of His Word

Removes each speck before it finds a place

To hide within the sidewalk of my life,

Each crack kept clean by "God's redeeming Grace."

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