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Christian Poems

~ That's peace ~

by Colan L. Hiatt


A child at play out on the lawn

With a brand-new long awaited toy

For a moment, all his cares are gone

That's peace


An elderly couple holding hands

After many sunsets through the years

Amid joy and sorrow, - love still stands

That's peace


When I beheld Him on the cross

And accepted that He died for me

My soul now free from sin and dross

That's peace


Condemnation abolished by His blood

The ultimate sacrifice, He freely gave

To know I'm safe, come fire or flood

That's peace


Empires and nations could find relief

From clutches of bondage, if they would

Embrace Him as their Lord and Chief

That's peace


He has promised that He would return

To take His chosen ones away

For this, believers wait and yearn

That's peace

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