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Christian Poems

~ Choices ~

by Janet Martin


It's not like a new pair of shoes that you're choosing

Or a fashion accessory

It's not like a sundae that you are refusing

Or…fine if it works for me

It's not a preference like music or silence

Or a moment that steals your breath

We all are choosing even in our refusing

Eternal life or death


It's not like the weather and choosing sunshine

Over a rainy day

We cannot assume in our indecision

Eventually it will go away

And we can't decide on Judgment Morn

To decline our life's reward

Hope that was born 'neath a crown of thorns

Cannot be ignored


It's not like the choices which seem to abound

Here on this troubled earth

It's an invitation wherein is found

New life and a new birth

Will we choose Jesus and His gift of love?

Our hope when life grows dim

For there is no grace that can replace

The life we find in Him


Yes, we are choosing even in our refusing

And in our dying breath

We'll hear the voice of our choice

Eternal life or death

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